Asset Mapping

Receiving a message from Pastor Rall

On July 12, Messiah Lutheran Church hosted an Asset Mapping session for CFNA in their recently remodeled Fellowship Hall.  Facilitated by Matt Miller of Send Me St. Louis, the purpose was to gather information regarding the strengths and resources within the organization, in order to help uncover solutions.  The entire effort was driven by the question: “How can we best leverage assets needed to expand the mission efforts of CFNA?”  Forty-one participants, including representatives from local LCMS churches and Lutheran High School South took part.

Sorting through possibilities

The evening started with a special Indian meal planned and prepared by Dr. and Mrs. Stanish Stanley, together with a team of volunteers.  Cookies and Ted Drewes were enjoyed as dessert while Pastor Ron Rall (Timothy Lutheran Church) led the group in a devotion.  Pastor Stanley provided a brief history of CFNA before Asset Mapping began.

Seated at tables of seven, participants began by writing down their own assets – physical, personal, relational, institutional and financial.  Secondly, participants combined their assets with others at their table to generate new program ideas.  During Step 3 the entire group voted on which new ideas they liked best.  Up for consideration were several creative ones including a bridging event, a concert fundraiser, life skills classes for New Americans, a multi-cultural mission expo, and a video game night.

Though a final decision has yet to be made, one or more of these will be implemented.  The entire event was deemed a success, with the fellowship among the participants having been perhaps, the best part of the evening.


By Kerry Pozaric
Concordia, Kirkwood


Relaxing and reflecting while taking a break