By All Possible Means

By All Possible Means

The Apostle Paul writes: “I have become all things to all people that by all possible means I might save some” (1 Corinthians 9:22).

Paul writes that although he is a totally free person, he chooses to make himself a servant, a “slave to everyone” so that he might bring the good news of Jesus to as many people as possible.  It seems to me that the mission of Christian Friends of New Americans is like that. I have seen different ethnic refugee groups and families come to the Peace Center and participate in activities.

In that setting and in other churches, people of good will have reached out to welcome new refugees to our city and nation.  For Christians, the goal is to share God’s love so that “by all possible means” we can connect them to Jesus and His body of followers, the church.

Helping at the Peace Center is hard work—always a degree of chaos, and lots of help needed with transportation, program support, volunteer recruitment, fund-raising, and facility upkeep.  But we see the CFNA vision bearing fruit as we continue to reach out to new families, to people young and old, over and over, so that “by all means” we might share with them the love of God in Jesus Christ, which is the “power of God unto salvation” (Romans 1:16).

Prayer:  Thank you, Jesus, for the opportunity to reach out to New Americans.  Help us to rejoice in the work of the Holy Spirit in the refugee community, and give us lasting joy as we share the love of Christ with people of “every tribe and nation” in as many ways as possible.  Amen.

Chaplain Ted Wuerffel
St. Louis, MO