English as a Second Language

Two Syrian ESL Kids

The CFNA English ministry has been growing during the past several months. We have added class topics in multiple levels, welcomed many new students and thankfully, many new volunteers as well. Last year our Saturday classes averaged 5-10 students.  This year it has been 15-20 students from Syria, Congo, Afghanistan, Sudan, Nepal and Bosnia. Their English skills range from beginner level to those ready to apply for college.

Additionally, we have organized multiple small groups, the curriculum for each tailored to that group’s needs. Students come one week, and bring friends the next! Along with this growth we have started a Saturday Kids ESL Program for Syrian mothers who otherwise could not attend classes like this because most programs do not offer child-care.

After trying a variety of topics, we’ve found several that are very popular. Our Driving Class is an incredibly helpful service, and in high demand. We offer three “tracks” depending on needs and levels of English. Track 1 focuses on learning driving-related English words, along with basic road rules and safety. Track 2 offers dedicated study for students trying to pass their written permit test. Track 3 is for students with a valid permit, their own car, and proper insurance. We pair them with volunteers for some real practice in their own car., and have more students on our waiting list than we can handle. We are at near capacity in our other classes as well, and could accept more students if we had more tutors.

One of the great challenges is anticipating who will show up each week, and having available enough material for them (and their friends, and now, kids!). Presently, we are in great need of a LEAD volunteer to coordinate the Kids ESL Program. This person will ideally be confident, experienced with teaching a variety of ages and able to take charge of a sometimes, chaotic situation. This person will also need to be flexible, able to adapt lesson plans to accommodate the number and ages of those who come. It’s a plus if this person has experience teaching ESL, is willing and able to plan lessons/curriculum, and coordinate volunteers. We are able to offer support and training for these tasks as needed.

Interested in serving as a driving instructor, or as Lead Coordinator for the Kids ESL Program?  Contact me at 303-502-0067.

Teaching an ESL Class

Christa Wilson Earl
Chai V’Shalom Lutheran Church