Counseling services

Refugee families arrive in the USA from within the global network of UN managed refugee camps and upon arrival, they are forced to deal with numerous aspects of change simultaneously. As many of us know, rapid change is often accompanied by high levels of tension and anxiety, which can put family and interpersonal relationships in jeopardy. To provide assistance, CFNA offers the services of a qualified counselor who is himself, of refugee origins. For those suffering from severe stress and anxiety, this ministry is of great significance.

Medical screenings

Prior to arrival in the USA, most refugee families have had to get by with a minimum amount of medical care. It is therefore not surprising that several are plagued with health issues of which they have only minimal or no awareness. Medical clinics, offered monthly at the Peace Center, screen for issues having to do with vision, dental, hearing, blood pressure, nutrition and more. These clinics are staffed primarily by volunteer RNs and medical students. For additional information contact