Heart to Heart Sisters Meet at the Peace Center


Heart to Heart Sisters

Fun, fellowship, ethnic appetizers and a Bible study, “Naomi, Ruth and Me” was the agenda followed as  thirty-one ladies from twelve countries gathered on January 18, 2014.  A light snowfall, beautiful ethnic dresses, laughter and smiles, Nepali music and singing mixed with a medley of accents marked the first Heart to Heart Sisters meeting at the Peace Center.


The Nepali Singers

Heart to Heart Sisters is the branch of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML) that focuses on welcoming immigrant, refugee, and minority group women and encourages them to share their faith journey, their rich heritage, and their spiritual strength.  Many of these women have gone through the fires of persecution, loneliness, and tragedy.  They are strong women that will encourage and enrich our church.  We are honored by the presence of these young women, these moms, and these matriarchs.  We are honored, too, by the presence of a sprinkling of LWML ladies with “international hearts” joining these friends from around the world.

By Carol Buckman