Life Skills

Abby and some of the demonstration participants

What do you do with an over-abundance of tomatoes?  How about a canning class at CFNA?  Here Abby Wuerffel shares her experience:

On Tuesday, July 25, seven refugee ladies, along with three of their young girls, met with Nawal Orsan, Beena Stanish, Joanie Harwell, and me at the Peace Center to watch a canning demonstration.  Using large kettles and a quart-jar grid insert, we canned 17 quarts of tomatoes.  That was a pretty good accomplishment on the small residential stove at the Peace Center!  With the help of Nawal to translate recipe directions into Arabic, and with the friendly spirit of Joanie to make the ladies feel comfortable, and with Beena’s help at the stove, everything went well.

Each of the immigrant ladies took a part in the canning process— from heating the jars thoroughly in very hot water to waiting for the “pop!” when the jars sealed. And everyone was able to take home two jars of beautiful canned tomatoes.  It was a rewarding and enjoyable experience.  By myself, it would have been too much to pull together, but with the help of the other CFNA volunteers, it worked out wonderfully well.  Everyone enjoyed the canning experience and the time together.

Very much involved

Thanks to everyone who helped make the event a success, including the drivers who provided transportation.  And special thanks to Mike Wuerffel for providing many delicious  tomatoes from his wonderful garden.  Finally, we offer thanks to the Lord for His great favor toward us in”establishing the work of our hands!”

By Abby Wuerffel

Timothy Lutheran Church

Editor’s note:  During a recent Asset Mapping Event the sharing of life skills emerged as a future ministry possibility.  Our thanks to Abby for sharing her experience.