Reliant Church at CFNA

Michael Knippa, Emily Knippa, Maria Spilker, Natalie McLaury

“We are loved in Christ Jesus, and therefore sent into the world” is a key teaching instilled into church members by the pastors at Christ Memorial Lutheran Church. In keeping with this emphasis, the city campus of Christ Memorial, – Reliant Church, – reached out to CFNA to identify avenues of involvement and service.

Reliant members, Mrs. Bethany Pittman and Mrs. Natalie McLaury, recruited a sizeable group to serve with CFNA’s After School Tutoring program (AST). For the past several weeks this dynamic group has been consistently sending between 2-4 volunteers every Thursday to the Peace Center to help with tutoring.

This wonderful support from Reliant members has been most appreciated by CFNA and its client kids. This academic year the AST program was facing a severe shortage of tutors during the Thursday sessions, which has now been nearly alleviated. Also, the fact that all these volunteers are young adults has not gone unnoticed by the young students. “We had so much fun during play time today…,” “Is that young guy coming?…,” and “Is she married?…;” are some of the questions that intrigue our kids. This is in part, because our Reliant friends provide a mentor model that relates closely to the youthful children.

Moreover, by building relationships with children who are different from them and by taking time from their busy work schedules, our Reliant friends have exhibited a desire for learning, sharing their faith and bringing this experience into their life journeys.  More importantly, the Reliant volunteers show how a small community can enhance the work of a Christian mission organization by smartly rotating its willing members for volunteer service on a weekly basis. In doing so, they demonstrate a true “loved in Christ” reality.

Thank you, Reliant, for your partnership in reaching out to New Americans through love, commitment, and service.

Prepared by Rev. Stanish Stanley