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New American Primary Students at Word Of Life

Outreach Opportunity in God’s Mission

The Adopt a Student Ministry is not just a scholarship program. This successful scholarship ministry has been in operation, with support from the Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis and the Lutheran schools, for six years. In addition to equipping young people for success by supporting their attendance at Lutheran schools, many of their families have already connected with a Lutheran church.

CFNA also provides immigrant facilitators to help scholarship students and families, after-school tutoring for New American students, and has a computer lab available for student use.

YOU can make a difference for a New American immigrant or refugee child, helping that child prepare for a bright future as an American citizen. On the back, see how your donation supports a refugee or immigrant child in a Lutheran school.

Your gift of a full or partial student “adoption” may mean the beginning of a relationship with Jesus Christ for a new American student. Please consider becoming a partner with CFNA, the Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis, and our Lutheran schools in the Adopt a Student Ministry!

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