Employment training

Most New Americans arrive with some job related skills, and in not a few instances these are quite highly developed. Though their search for employment usually begins shortly after arrival, many experience difficulty matching their gifts to employment opportunities. Employment training delivers skills required to do a job search effectively, with special emphasis placed on how to do a job interview well. CFNA partners with agencies such as the International Institute and Caring Ministries in the City to implement this ministry.

Leadership formation

Every ethnic community has its leaders, and emerging leaders. Guided by the Holy Spirit, the CFNA leadership formation effort seeks to identify those with leadership potential, and enable them to serve in a leadership role in newly emerging faith communities such as Home Bible Studies. Presently two Home Bible Studies with a combined attendance of 60 are meeting on a weekly basis, one of them in seven locations (homes), the other in two. In addition, a leadership formation class with 10 students from five birth nations has been formed for the purpose of enhancing leadership skills and providing a deeper understanding of key Bible passages, especially from a Law and Gospel perspective. The class also prepares participants for enrollment in Concordia Seminary’s EIIT (Ethnic Immigrant Institute of Theology) program.

Scholarship assistance

Quality education is highly valued by New American families, and through the Adopt A Student scholarship assistance program, CFNA assists families in meeting this need. During the past six academic years, between 25 and 30 students have been provided with scholarships annually for enrollment in Lutheran elementary ($2,000 each) and secondary ($4,000 each) schools. By God’s grace, 75 to 80 percent of the families with children involved in this ministry have become members of Lutheran congregations. Funds are provided in equal part by CFNA donors and the Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis. For additional information, please visit “Scholarship Assistance” on this web site.

After school tutoring

Upon enrollment in the various schools, New American children often find it difficult to keep up with the expectations and assignments given them by their teachers. Through the good efforts of volunteer tutors, the After School Tutoring program helps them develop the skills and confidence required to deal effectively with this challenge. Classes are offered Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the Peace Center, during which snacks and brief devotions are also provided. Presently, over 100 students are registered for this program, with an approximate total attendance of 60 each week.