Ethnic fellowships

People prefer to come to know Christ without having to cross barriers of language and culture. To facilitate this process, ethnic fellowships are offered at the Peace Center for members of various ethnic communities now residing in urban St. Louis. Presently, these include Bhutanese people from Nepal, Kunama people from Eritrea and Ethiopia, as well as people from Sierra Leone, primarily of Mende origin. Weekly fellowships feature devotions and catechetical instruction, followed by free time in the playground, computer room, or downstairs recreation room. Devotions and instruction classes are offered in English, with the assistance of translators as may be necessary.

Cross cultural events, activities and workshops

Community bridging events are offered at regular intervals to provide opportunities for people of various ethnic communities to meet and mix with members of the Lutheran community. An example would be the musical/ice cream social event recently held at Messiah Lutheran Church in partnership with CFNA. Approximately 150 people were in attendance, the number being almost equally divided between New Americans and members of the Lutheran community. CFNA also partners with local congregations to provide for the sponsorship of New American youth interested in attending any of the peer ministry training events sponsored by the LCMS Missouri District.