Home Bible studies

Home Bible Studies provide spiritual nurture in environments that are entirely familiar to the New American participants – their homes. Normally the study begins with a single family and other families and individuals join. Some HBS gatherings have started with as few as four or five people, and after having grown to 20 participants, have split into two groups. These Bible studies, led by area Pastors, Deaconesses, seminarians or lay leaders, provide excellent opportunities for spiritual growth and leadership formation. Please join us in praying for the continued growth of this ministry. Presently, six are meeting on a weekly basis.

Christ-centered devotions

Scripture based devotions are a part of virtually all the programs offered at the Peace Center. Led by Pastors, Vicars, Deaconesses and seminarians, they frequently follow an interactive format with New American students assisting with Scripture readings and answering questions drawn from the Scripture reading for the day. These devotions often provide those New Americans who do not come from a Christian background; i.e., Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims, with their first real glimpse of the Bible. Please join us in giving thanks for the many faithful devotion leaders, and in asking God’s guidance as ways are sought to expand this aspect of ministry among growing numbers of New Americans.

Catechetical instruction

Catechetical instruction is offered at the Peace Center as part of the program for the ethnic fellowship gatherings. Presently, two such fellowships met on a weekly basis, while a third meets monthly. Some New Americans also receive catechetical instruction in local congregations, at the end of which they are received as members of the congregation. Significant numbers of New Americans have become members, or are seeking baptism and membership, in four LCMS congregations located within a few
miles of the Peace Center. Please join us in praying for God’s continued blessing on this effort.