A St. Louis Missionary

Rev. Workeneh, wife Ayni and family

Rev. Theodors (Teddy) Workeneh, together with his wife and family, arrived St. Louis on July 28, 2014 from Ethiopia to enroll as a graduate student at Concordia Seminary.  The following month he began part time service with CFNA as a Facilitator.  In addition to facilitating the enrollment of Ethiopian and Eritrean refugee children into LCMS schools, he was also responsible for maintaining relationships between the schools and the families of these students.

In July of this year, having graduated with a Masters degree in Sacred Theology, Teddy began service with CFNA as a full time missionary among the 5,000 Ethiopian and 1,500 Eritrean people in the St. Louis area.  Though a large majority consider themselves to be part of the Christian community, less than 25 percent are active in any Christian denomination.  A mission field to be sure!

Rev. Workeneh with leaders

As would any missionary, Rev. Workeneh began his ministry by building relationships.  Not only has he been reaching out to numerous families through the distribution of welcome packages, home furnishings and more, he has also established relationships with the leaders of the local Ethiopian and Eritrean communities.

The needs of these communities are not only reflected in the afore-mentioned activities, but also in the After School Tutoring program Rev. Teddy recently established at the Peace Center.  Additionally, a leadership training class has also been started, in which three young men from Ethiopia and Eritrea have been enrolled.

Indeed, challenges and opportunities abound for this ministry, and the approximately 30 people now meeting weekly for Bible Study at the Peace Center.  Clearly, with God’s blessings, Rev. Workeneh is off to a great start.  Moreover, his partners at CFNA, the LCMS Missouri District and Timothy Lutheran Church are fully prepared to be of further assistance.  Let’s be sure to keep Rev. Teddy and his family in our prayers.

Rev. Workeneh and members

By Rev. Allan Buckman, with Rev. Teddy Workeneh