Unexptected Rewards

By Laura Brink

I met Azmera in her home a week ahead of her dental appointment.  We were able to connect and establish a relationship.    This mother of three young children had not seen a dentist in more than four years.  I picked her up for her dental appointment on a rainy morning.   Azmera shared her head covering with me to block the rain.  When we arrived at the dental clinic at Forest Park Community College, we were greeted with many smiling faces and helpful people.  The students were very gracious and gave Azmera a thorough screening and evaluation.  She was so appreciative of getting the assistance from the clinic as well as of me giving her a ride.  The Lord blessed me by allowing me to connect with Azmera.  If interested in this rewarding experience of volunteering to drive immigrants to their medical appointments,  please let me know – Laura Brink, lvbrink@gmail.com, or 314-249-9219.