Witness Through Service

The Tang Family

Rev. Theodors (Teddy) Workeneh serves with CFNA as a Facilitator responsible for reaching out to recently arrived refugees from East Africa.  An ordained pastor of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus, a large and growing Lutheran denomination in East Africa with more than 8 million members, Rev. Workeneh is now completing requirements to be accepted onto the clergy roster of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod.  Here he welcomes a recently arrived family from southern Sudan to the Lutheran community in St. Louis.

The Tang family was driven out of their country more than fifteen years ago by the civil war raging throughout the southern part of Sudan. After spending several years as refugees living in camps located in Ethiopia and Kenya, this seven-member family was cleared for admission into the United States as refugees, arriving in St. Louis three months ago.

Upon arrival, they were provided with assistance by the International Institute.  More recently, the family also reached out to CFNA in search of a few home furnishings, as well as assistance with employment and school enrollment.  Due to the kindness of generous donors, CFNA was able to help out. ­­­­

In the photo, we see daughters Magdalene and Nyajouk receiving a welcome package from pastor Teddy in their recently furnished apartment.

Information provided by Rev. Teddy Workeneh, who also serves as the leader for the Ethiopian/Eritrean Bible Fellowship in St. Louis.